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News From the Farm regarding COVID-19

We have been getting many calls from friends asking how we are doing and how they can help at the same time as many people are concerned about the safety of the CSA boxes and the farmers markets.  We wanted to tell you that we always take precautions to make sure that our fruits and veggies are sanitary and we will double down on those procedures even more now.

Here’s what WE do at the farm:

1. We wash your CSA box with a sanitizing agent before we fill it with produce.

2. We talk with our employees about hand washing, and will continue to make sure that employees are washing their hands before they start work; before they touch produce; when they transition between jobs, after they use the bathroom and after they eat.

3. Our employees wear gloves and masks when they pack vegetables for the CSA or Farmers Market

4. We disinfect work surfaces in our packing area every morning. 

5. We ask our employees not to come to work if they are feeling sick. If people come to work not feeling well, we will ask them to return home, and keep us updated with their status.

Changes at our FARMERS MARKET in Davis We are pre-bagging as many items as possible here at the farm. For the items we cant, we are asking customers to not touch the produce — no self-serve, we will bag what they would like, so there is less contact with the produce.  We have one person handling money. All employees are wearing gloves and washing hands.

Here are a few things YOU can do:

1. When you pick up your CSA box, please open ONLY ONE BOX.  Please never open a box or touch produce in a box that is not for you.

2.  Stay in touch — We will be letting you know by email if there are any changes in the delivery schedules. You are welcome to call us if you have      questions, but please be patient with us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

3. Please be thoughtful about the CSA drop sites and keep our sites organized. Respect the space of others and be patient to get your box.

4.Please bring a pen with you to check off your name on the roster

5. While at the Farmers market please be aware of the 6 feet distancing, and wait patiently for someone to help you

6. Love your neighbors, Support local, Stay Healthy

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