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Sept 6, 2022


What’s in this Week’s VEGGIE BOX Cherry Tomatoes, Grapes, Green Bell Peppers, Potatoes, Rosemary, Mixed big beef, Cucumbers, and Zuchhinni.

Bread this week: Whole Wheat OR Garlic Parmesan, your choice of one


Fall Break for Good Humus




Fall Quarter Started: NEW QUARTER CHECK LIST


  • Is your name on the list for your order?

  • If your name is not on the list PLEASE DO NOT PICK UP A BOX- we did not pack one for you.

  • If you think your name should be on the list and is not, send an email

  • Check your name off of each separate list when you pick up your produce, so the drop host knows who forgot their box and can give you a call.


  • If you see CONT next to your name on the roster, it means we have not received payment from you                         

  • If next to your name it says E-MAILED or CALLED, it means we gave you a call and have not heard from you, we would like to know your intentions-we did make you a box for this week only


  • Do we have your order correct? If not give us a call

  • Is your phone number correct? If not give us a call

  • Are you getting the newsletter via e-mail if not send us your address (

This week on the farm

HOT.HOT.HOT. We are working really hard to try to get the boxes out early to get ahead of these crazy temperatures. We really, really hope everyone is able to pick their box up early as well, or recruit a friend or family member to help them get it out of the heat. If you don’t have this option, we sincerely apologize. We have put our most heat tolerant items in the box today, in hopes that things will hold okay despite the temperature.

At the farm we have been running around trying to get all our tasks done by noon or one, so we can send the crew home and keep folks out of the sun. It has been a bit bonkers. All eyes on next week when the temperatures cool and we can start dreaming of apples and pumpkins.

We really appreciate your understanding as we scramble to survive the heat wave.
Stay hydrated, and have as pleasant a week as you can manage!


              The whole GHP Family.

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