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Drink - Basil Grape Crush

2 large basil leaves

5 - 6 seedless grapes, red or green

1 lime wedge

1 tablespoon simple syrup

2 shots vodka

2 shots of soda water

First, muddle the basil, grapes and simple syrup in a glass. Then add in the vodka and squeezed lime wedge. This mixture is then poured into a shaker. Give it a good mix. Grab a small cocktail glass and fill it halfway with ice. Then you can pour in your mixture. I prefer to keep the muddled grapes and basil in the drink. However, it’s definitely an option to strain them out before you pour your drink into the cocktail glass, if you prefer your cocktails without pulp. Finally, pour the soda water into the glass and stir with a spoon.

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