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Collards- My favorite way to cook collards

cook them a bit in water first then, sauté them with onions, garlic, potatoes (pre-cooked a bit), some hot pepper, and crumble in cooked bacon (but because I'm pretty vegetarian I use the tempe "fakin bakin"). We usually just have this with scrambled eggs and it’s a meal! I also make "egg pies" all the time which is similar to the recipe you've included this month - I buy a pre-made whole wheat pie crust and sauté greens, onions, whatever from the basket - let it cool down a bit and add it to a mixture of 4 or so eggs, ricotta, cheddar, some parmesan - then bake in a 350 or 400 oven until browned and cooked - it’s always good with a salad and my kids generally enjoy it.

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