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Cinnamon Basil and Melon Salad

I have been in love with the Cinnamon basil, but a little unsure as to what to do with it. This last Friday eve Jeff and I participated in the Davis Food Coop Food Fair and I decided it was time to get others excited about Cinnamon Basil. I called my back up recipe consultant~the famous Jaymes Luu who owns Fat Face and makes the fabulous popsicles at the Davis Farmers market. We concocted the Cinnamon Basil Melon Salad. Again the proportions are just suggestions: 1 melon-seeds removed and cut into chunks 1 cup Yogurt ½ bunch of cinnamon basil-leaves removed 1 tablespoon Maple Syrup Blend the yogurt and cinnamon basil leaves and add Maple Syrup to taste, until leaves are green specks in the yogurt, it turns out juicy. Pour over the melon chunks and serve as a dessert or over cottage cheese for breakfast. I have decided it would be great over any fruit salad too. The other thing is you can just blend it all up and serve as a soup!

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