Chard- Patties

You can use a variety of greens for this but chard is the best though! This is one way that my kids love to eat greens, when they normally shy away from them. It is not a glamorous recipe, just a simple concoction. 1-2 bunches of Steamed greens Chopped once cooked 1-cup cheddar cheese 1 egg ½ bread or cracker crumbs Handful of Parmesan Cheese Steam your greens; drain all the excess water off and then chop. Add the cheese, egg and breadcrumbs and mix well. It won’t really hold together in your hands, but you can spoon it onto a hot oiled griddle to make the patty. Cook until brown on both sides, but make sure to cook to the center about 7 minutes. Serve with rice, and yes, ketchup.