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Cabbage - Oriental Cabbage Chicken Salad

Oriental Cabbage Chicken Salad 1 ½ heads of cabbage you can use 1 green & ½ red 3 packages Top Ramen 2-3 large chicken breasts cooked (skip if you wish) 6 scallions 1-2 cups toasted sesame seeds Dressing: 1 cup oil ¼ cup sesame oil ¼ cup sugar ½ cups Japanese rice vinegar Thinly slice the cabbage and salt it to wilt. Crunch up the top ramen noodles, chop the cooked chicken into small pieces, Chop scallions, toast the sesame seeds and mix all together. Mix the dressing in with the cabbage mixture. Let set an hour before serving so the noodles can soak up the dressing. Serve on a bed of lettuce.

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