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Boiled Potatoes with Garlic, Butter & Mint

1 pound small potatoes,

1 tablespoon flaky salt, like Maldon, or kosher salt

4 tablespoons/2 ounces cold unsalted butter, cut into 8 pieces

1 small garlic clove, finely grated or shaved

A 5-finger pinch of whole mint leaves

½ lemon

Coarsely ground black pepper

In a medium pot, combine potatoes and salt. Add enough cold water to cover the potatoes by a generous 1/2 inch and set the pot over high heat. Bring to a boil, then reduce to a vigorous simmer. Cook potatoes just until tender and creamy inside, 10 to 25 minutes depending on size. Reserving 1/4 cup cooking liquid, gently drain the potatoes and return them to the stove. Add butter, garlic and reserved cooking liquid to the pot and set over medium heat. Bring to a simmer and cook, swirling the pan and basting as needed so that the liquid coats the potatoes until they are well glazed, about 5 minutes. Tear the mint leaves into small pieces, stir them very gently into the potatoes, and take the pot off the heat. Squeeze on just enough lemon to add brightness, not sourness; taste as you go. Add salt and pepper to taste and serve immediately.

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