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Beets, Thyme, Acorn Squash, Turnips, Parsnips -Herbed Roasted Winter Vegetables

3 tablespoons butter ¼ cup olive oil 3 large red beets, peeled, each cut into 6 wedges 2 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme 2 tablespoons chopped summer savory 8 large shallots peeled halved 3 large golden beets, peeled, each cut into 6 wedges 2 acorn squash, halved seeded cut into 6 wedges 2 medium turnips cut into 6 wedges 2 large parsnips cut into 6 wedges 1 large rutabaga cut into 6 wedges 12 garlic cloves Melt butter with olive oil in saucepan. Combine all of the ingredients into a baking dish coat with the butter mixture and roast for 60 minutes or until tender, turn occasionally during that time.

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