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Basil-Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

These are a wonderful way to use the Artisan loaves and the basil in your box. First, find your favorite pesto recipe. Make up a batch or two and freeze some. You do not have to use pine nuts; toasted almonds, walnuts will work equally as well. A dash of hot sauce added if you like a kick. Take your loaf and slice it thickly (sourdough is awesome, but any thick country style loaf with a chewy crust will do); the round loaves you will want to slice in half first and then into slices so the sandwiches are not too big. Slice up some of your favorite cheese for the middle; smoked mozzarella, dry jack, Parmesan Reggiano, provolone, Asiago….. Heat up a frying pan with a lid, preferably cast iron. Spray with olive oil non-stick. Spread one tablespoon pesto on each side of the bread, cheese in the middle, and then start making grilled cheese sandwiches. If you are using a dry imported cheese, putting the lid on while grilling helps it melt better. Once the sandwiches have cooked, you can wrap them up in plastic wrap and freeze them; just microwave them for about 1 minute in the plastic wrap to reheat any time. Really a lifesaver for lunch in a hurry later, so you might want to make up a big batch.

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