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Welcome to Good Humus Produce's
Farm to School Program

have you ever wondered where your food comes from or wanted to pick your own?

our farm is located in an area called hungry hollow, 
Only a 30 minute drive from woodland - View Map

To sign up - Contact Annie at (530) 787-3187 or

On-Farm Educational Visits




We at Good Humus believe that kids should have a fun and educational experience on our farm, so we try and integrate them into the real workings of the farm as much as possible. Their time at the farm will be following the daily patterns of the seasonal harvest, and the family’s life. The rest of the farm continues on as usual when the kids are here so they become definite helpers.


While no farming experience is required, participating kids should be in good health and be willing to listen, learn and be respectful of the farming family. There will be many tasks that you will be participating in, while lending a hand at Good Humus.


Each month has a different set of projects and activities that the visiting classes will be helping with. The program throughout the year is a month by month breakdown of these activities.

We also offer the possibility of two-day visits by school groups that involve a sleep-over on the farm. Check our overnight trips for more information about classes wishing to camp out



One day visit is $20.00 per person or a minimum of $200.00 per group


One night trips are $55 per student.

Two night trips are $80 per student.

Three night trips are $125 per student.

Minimum cost for an overnight is $300.


There is no cost for adults that come as chaperones, and we ask that there is 1 adult for every 5 children for supervision. There will be an extra charge for more adults than the 1 to 5 ratio of $10 per adult.

There will be no charge for the food eaten from the farm

A Typical One Day Visit


Overnight Trips available too

9:30-10:00: Welcome and introduction Circle with presentation

of farm rules and the day'activities.

10:00-10:15: Farm Fresh SNACK (dried fruit or other available fresh ingredients)

10:15-11:30: TOUR with our Treasure Hunt Farm Tour


11:30-12:00: LUNCH 

12:00-1:00:ACTION! Kids will engage in a work project designed

to let them experience real farm

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