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San Francisco

  - McAllister and Gough-SF

If interested or for information and questions, please contact Annie

When you become a member, you will be assigned to a cluster, which is a group of families in your neighborhood.
According to your cluster's schedule, you will be expected to pick up vegetables periodically on Saturday Morning at 8:00 am at the Civic Center in San Francisco and bring them back to your cluster members.


Box Options:

- Veggie Box (mix of Veggies and fruit)

- Fruit Box (Summer season)

- Flowers (Spring and Summer season)

     About our CSA

In 1993 Good Humus started a CSA with ten friends.  Now our farm has 175 families that receive vegetables and fruit once a week for 48 weeks out of the year. Optional fruit, flowers and bread from Village Bakery in Davis are also available.  We deliver to families in the Sacramento region, Davis, Woodland and San Francisco.

All the Fruits and Vegetables we deliver are fresh, local and all organic.

Delivery locations and days are listed to the right. On the delivery day, go to your drop location any time after our delivery time and pick up your box for the week. HOME DELIVERY IS AVAILABLE at the Downtown sac drop.


If there is no location that is convenient for you, you can start your own drop site. All we ask is that membership at your site stays above 10 members.

If you are unable to pick up your box, please have a friend pick it up or contact us and we will donate it to Families First in Davis (we do not offer credits for missed boxes)

For more information, please visit our
CSA frequently asked questions


Drop locations and Times

Davis Waldorf School --1:30pm
    (3100 Sycamore Ln.)   Map
Strelitzia Florest -- 2 pm
    (4614 2nd St #1)   Map

Land park --2:30pm
    (10 San Mateo Ct.)   Map
Pocket --2:45pm
    (646 Coriander Way)  Map
Edible Pedal -- 3:15pm
    (1712 Liestal Row.)   Map

47th and Folsom --4:00pm
    (1500 47th St.)   Map
Fair Oaks --4:30pm
    (4140 Kenneth Ave)  Map

Downtown Davis --9:00am
    (407 University Ave.)  Map
Woodland --9:00am)
    (845 4th St.)   Map

Box Options: 12 weeks
-Veggie Box
-Fruit Box May to February
-Flowers April to December

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